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About Anuj Khanna
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Anuj Khanna
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About Anuj Khanna

For the past two decades, Anuj Khanna has been helping businesses around the world in achieving success through his peak performance expertise and business strategies.

Anuj’s career has spanned across the Finance and Technology. In 2009, Anuj decided to exclusively focus on his passion for helping businesses in their corporate expansion, sales and marketing strategy by setting up his own consulting practice.

He has helped over 50 companies and their executive teams in achieving exponential growth and reaching their Peak State. Anuj's office is in London but he works on projects across the world, with the vast majority of his customers based out of the Silicon Valley in California and Europe. Anuj has also done work in India, China, SE Asia, Latam and Africa.

Anuj completed his MBA in Marketing from The University of Sheffield and is an Economics graduate from the University of Mumbai. Anuj also holds a diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Anuj is well trained and experienced in business practice and management principles working with both blue chip corporates and start-ups. However, he is obsessed by his passion for business turnaround and leadership psychology. Anuj specialises in perfectly blending his well-honed business expertise with important psychological skills to achieve Peak Performance.

Anuj is an open minded, high-energy problem solver who loves a challenge, hence has got the faith and respect of leading tech Founders, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms in helping them in investing and expanding their start up businesses. Anuj has experience of doing business in over 80 countries. Anuj speaks five languages and has business relationships with thousands of telecommunications, IT, advertising, media and financial industry executives. Anuj is highly recognised and recommended as a business visionary and peak performance expert by several global CEO's and entrepreneurs.

Expertise and Experience

1. Advisory services for Initial Coin Offerings ( ICOs ), Token Generation Events ( TGE ) and IPOs.
2. Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment appraisal, due diligence, financing, mergers and acquisitions.
3. Fund raising strategy, crowd funding expertise, community development and investor relations
4. Business Strategy Consulting
5. Leadership coaching, non executive directorship and board advisory
6. Corporate expansion, growing sales and revenues.
7. Business development and marketing strategy
8. New market entry
9. Business turnaround and change management
10. Product development and life cycle management for blockchain, Fintech, DLT and artificial intelligence products.
11. Mentoring and advising young entrepreneurs and family offices.


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