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10 steps for growing and scaling up Startups

The presentation outlines the top 10 steps any Startup business can take to help them in gowing their business. Download the presentation to find out more.

10 Steps for growing your startup

Step 1: Build products that can be deployed globally

Step 2: Customise and localise

Step 3: Create a raving fan club for  your products

Step 4: Guerilla marketing

Step 5: Sell, Sell and Sell

Step 6: Focus and bring order in your “Organised Chaos” 

Step 7: Seek expertise, mentors and  friends  

Step 8: Improve, innovate and be open-minded 

Step 9: Seek further investment if required

Step 10: Trust your hopes not your fears

Posted on October 6th, 2015 by Anuj Khanna

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