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Monday 5

$6,567,508,246 raised by over 230 ICO’s from Jan-Apr 2018. Given below is the distribution of ICO’s by product category. 1. Communications 32.1% ($1,900,924,607) 2. Finance 14.1% ($833,313,539) 3. Trading & Investing 12.0% ($710,728,036) 4. Gaming & VR 7.6% ($451,117,213) 5. Commerce & Advertising 5.8% ($344,544,000) 6. Payments 5.1% ($304,147,788) 7. Infrastructure 3.8% ($225,978,200) 8. Machine […]

Wednesday 8

Blockchain-related projects have raised more than $1.7 billion via ICOs to date, with a huge chunk of that figure, around $1.4 billion, raised in 2017. On the other hand, crypto-companies have pulled in nearly $550 million from venture capitalists so far this year across more than 120 deals, per the PitchBook Platform. 

Wednesday 2

If you have not heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) before, you have come the right place and if you have heard of AI before you have also come to the right place as you will appreciate the banter and please do add your comments.

Thursday 5

According to the latest report published by KPMG and CB Insights, global venture capital investments reached the $25.5 billion mark in the fist quarter of 2016.

Monday 5

Anuj Khanna, CEO, Peak State, interviewed by CNBC about the challenges Tim Cook faces on his visit to India "PM Modi will be pushing for his 'Make in India' agenda and wanting to attract investment," Anuj Khanna, a mobile fintech expert and CEO of Peak State Consulting told CNBC. "Tim Cook will be looking at […]

Monday 5

Anuj Khanna, CEO, Peak State, interviewed by WIRED Magazine about Apple's strategy for India. "India's decision may have more to do with local bias. "They want more people to have manufacturing hubs in India," claimed Anuj Khanna, CEO of Peak State Consulting. In September 2014, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi launched an initiative to encourage companies to manufacture […]

Tuesday 5

Has investment in tech start-ups peaked?

Monday 1

Venture capitalists invested a record breaking $128 billion worldwide in 2015, up 44 percent from $89 billion 2014. The majority of the investments were made in the USA followed by the UK and India. $128 billion was spread across 7872 deals with close to 50% of the investments been made in Internet related companies followed by the Mobile sector.

Friday 9

Peak State Consulting launched in London to bridge the gap between high growth businesses and success

Thursday 9

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